From look development to final composite, we can take your shots to the finish line. Specialties include invisible effects; blue/green screen keying; 2D and 3D tracking; CG comping.


2D or 3D tracking using SynthEyes; tracks can be handed off, but typically are specific to comp.


All in a days work for a compositor. We do our own or can hand off mattes as needed.


The best-case scenario is to embed our artists as an in-house VFX team. That way we can work directly with your production staff, VFX Producer and/or other vendors and keeps costs as low as possible while maximizing productivity.

You save time and money, can throw anything at us, and we do not have to chase bids instead of producing great shots. Need a few shots to go to the director this afternoon? No problem! How about those temps for tomorrow? We can handle that as well.


Trident can scale from 1 primary employee to 4 compositors and 3 exceptional CG artists, depending on availability. Everyone can work 100% remotely with their own hardware & software licenses. WE maintain a small crew of independent artists that have worked together for more than a decade, and we have a great short-hand for getting work done.


Trident Visual was embedded as part of the in-house team for “Superman & Lois” seasons 2 and 3. Shots were developed quickly, with handoffs to Editorial for Supervisor & Director review. We created look-dev shots, previs and temps for screening; when approved, we were able to quickly repurpose artwork and elements for final shots (186, 220 shots for seasons 2 & 3).


We prefer a weekly flat fee (artist rates only!). Overhead is negligible, as you do not have to pay for our A/C, parking, insurance, food, etc. The only requirement is file transfer access, whether that is via FTP, DropBox, ZeroTier, etc. We can work with virtually anything and have years of previous experience working remotely on live productions.

Contact us to talk about how we can enhance your production.